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All roads lead back home” and for Jorge de Rojas it certainly has held true.
One of those early roads led Jorge to careers in advertising, Film, and Theater, Later, Jorge started a successful Murals and Finishes Studio in his home town of Miami Fl.  Events and circumstances beyond our control can sometimes lead us far from home, with Jorge it was no exception taking him in 2002 as far away from art as one can get, Nursing. Rewarding as helping others can be, he found himself financially sound but spiritually drained. In 2007 another fork in the road left Jorge with a lot of free time. It was during this time that he discovered a venue to re-connect with his first love and passion Art.

As an avid collector of vintage Halloween Art he found himself frustrated at not being able to afford the vintage items that he loved and treasured. His solution was to make his own. Tuning to traditional papier-mâché techniques he was delighted with the results, so where his friends. With their encouragement he began to offer the pieces for sale through different web based venues. Before long he acquired an avid following and had several successful Gallery Showings. Now some of his pieces reside in the homes of private collectors as well as the American Teapot Museum in Philadelphia. This last road has lead to the creation of HohoHalloween. Where this road leads only time will tell but Jorge is sure, as always to make the best of it.


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